About Hanna

Hi, I’m Hanna Nistor and I’m extremely passionate about the work I do in this fantastic field. After graduating from the school of architecture and design in Italy but also after countless studies in the field, I fell in love with this amazing profession that puts me to new progressive trials every day.

I am a dreamer, body and soul dedicated to art and design concept, with a lot of positive energy always attentive to understanding and finding solutions adapted to each client.

Architectural Design

Inspired by the beauty of our world's nature, I create custom designed spaces or buildings while following the ideas of my clients which I later transform it into a three-dimensional reality that can be brought to life.

Interior Design

I shape the ideas of my clients' into a three-dimensional reality, giving great attention to details and following their requirements. My goal is to transform the custom designed projects by coordinating them to the level of construction.

Design Consultancy

A long term experience in designing and bringing buildings and their details to life allows me to assist the building owners and their collaborators in finding smart solutions from their personal ideas and concepts to the moment of creating them.

Workshops & Events

I am passionate about my work, and I am always ready to listen to your needs. You can reach out today to discuss your project’s particularities. 
I will do my best to create an outstanding design that meets your needs, expectations, and budget!



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