About Hanna

About Hanna

Hi, I’m Hanna Nistor and I’m extremely passionate about the work I do in this fantastic field. After graduating from the school of architecture and design in Italy but also after countless studies in the field, I fell in love with this amazing profession that puts me to new progressive trials every day.

I am a dreamer, body and soul dedicated to art and design concept, with a lot of positive energy always attentive to understanding and finding solutions adapted to each client.

Why choose my services?

I am a creative architect and interior design expert with several years of experience in the field.

My knowledge is based on my following studies:

  1.  Art High School Baia Mare – Architecture
  2. “Politechnic University”, Architecture University – Timisoara, Romania
  3. “Universita Federico II”, Engegneria Edile – Architettura Naploli, Italy –  Erasmus+ Programme
  4. “Accademia Adrianea Di Architettura E Archeologia ONLUS”, Master Ittinerant – Rome, Italy

I am committed to continually improve my skills and expertise in architecture, which is why I am part of several events, workshops, and training meet-ups:

  • Member of the organizing committee of TEDx Baia Mare, responsible for space planning and design
  • Volunteers coordinator at the International Blues and Jazz Festival `North West Fest`, Baia Mare
  • Supervising architect and mentor at the Premio Piranesi International Competition – Designing Archaeology, Rome, Italy

Awards & Workshops

  • “Inspiră-Expiră” – workshop, Studentfest Timişoara
  • “Architecture Reinterpretation” – workshop, Studentfest Timişoara
  • ”Save the Historic Maramureş”- workshop în Maramureş, România
  • Green reCreation – architecture and landscaping workshop in Baia Sprie, Maramureş, România
  • Netwoking with Ordinary Design by Green reCreation – architecture and landscaping workshop in Baia Sprie, Maramureş, România
  • Winner of the Premio Piranesi international competition – “Designing Archeology” – Rome, Italy

Premio Piranesi - Winners of 2012 Edition

Team project: Albanito Giuseppe, Ardovino Giovanni, Argentati Andrea, Deren Tuna, Hanna Nistor, Sinem Kocaman, Penelope Peralta

3rd Prize at Master Thesis at - Accademia Adrianea /// 2013-2014 generation

Team project: Iulia Demeter, Diana Neamtu, Hanna Nistor